Friday, 7 June 2013

Review: Forever 52 Kissproof Lip Gloss in TLC 19

Hi girls!

I have missed my blog! I was busy wrapping up my internship and since then have been itching to put up a post. So, perks of being at the office, you get to rummage through your colleague's makeup bag, tee hee! She had on this gorgeous orange lipstain and I just had to know where she got it from. Next thing you know, I told her to get me one. So today, I bring to you the review of the Forever 52 Kissproof Lip Gloss in TLC 19.

I am vary of these weird name brands that just seem to pop up out of no where. Honestly, being forever 52 is a depressing thought. I did some research and the brand is from Germany but manufactured in Taiwan. The box also gives the batch number and expiry date which is a good thing. The product claims to last 12 hours and dries to a matte finish "formulated to leave your lips in high pigment."

Since it is summer and the product dries matte, I was eager to try it. Also, matte lip stains are drying, so I tried it two ways. One by applying it over a balm and the other other just over bare lips. Over the lip balm, it turned into peeling paint and I was picking bits of the product off my mouth so yeah, it was gross. But over bare lips, the product stayed in place well up to 8 hours! It hardly transferred and faded evenly so if you add a clear gloss on top, you can update your look for the night. The formula is shimmery which does not transfer on your lips and the scent is a little cough-syrupy but not strong at all. It may feel like you are wearing a layer of paint on your mouth but it settles into a comfortable finish. It does, however, settle into the lip lines so be sure to exfoliate your lips before you put it on.

All in all I love this product. It is bright, cheerful and ORANGE, which I cannot get enough of. Woo hoo, bright pouts!

Price: Rs 950
Availability: Gulfway Shopping Mall, Karachi (since my colleague got it and said it was right in main Gulf, I do not know the exact name of the shop :( )

Website: Forever 52


  1. Though I'm not a gloss person anymore, but this color looks lovely! Great for summers. xx

  2. I'm in love with orange lip colour these days so I definitely would look for this in my local market, let's see if I can get one for myself! xx

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